Invested Company Info (SAMPLE)

  • The Houston Angel Network (HAN) is the oldest and most active angel network in Texas: Its members have invested more than $45.8M in 135 deals since its inception in 2001.
  • In 2013, HAN members invested $8.7M in 33 dealsĀ and $11M in 51 companies in the first half of 2014. The typical HAN member is an SEC-accredited investor seriously interested in providing capital to early stage companies.
  • These investments are a direct result of presentations that were made at our monthly breakfast meetings. In addition, many presenters – even those who were unable to secure funding- have gained new customers, board members, mentors, and media coverage.

Below are the logos of some of the companies that have received funding through HAN. Several additional investments are currently in advances stages of due diligence. For more information about a company please click on the logo or company name below.

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